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Being a leader of a fast-growing ministry of thousands of women (Praying Moms & Wives) and having the opportunity of talking, connecting, and working (as a counselor) with some of these women opened my eyes to see that there is a need for a closely knitted support system for women to be free to be all they can be.


I have seen how it can be difficult to achieve our goals when there are so many distractions everywhere but I have been able to work through it myself and today I have been able to work with other women, helping them harness their talents, skills, and gifts.


I believe that every woman has the power within her to change her story and JFGI is here to create a safe place where women from all works of life can connect, lay down their fears, audaciously make giant goals and smash them by holding each other’s hand through it all.

So if you are;

Confused about yourself as a woman?

Willing to take your unfinished stories, your pain, and turn them into fuel to propel you into making something beautiful out of it?

Ready to deal with personal obstacles that hinder you from WINNING?

Ready to dust off those goals and dreams and audaciously smash them?

Searching for mentorship, coaching, accountability partners as well as a network of like-minded women who will hold your hands through the process of smashing your goals?

Or you just want a safe place where you can live free?


I can assure you that you’re in the safest place to get help, go on and join our FREE 5 DAY SMASH YOUR GOALS CHALLENGE

And get ready to join our GOALS ACTIVATION INNER CIRCLE