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A Community Of Couples Committed To Building Blissful Marriages

Growing up surrounded by love lovers, I had always believed that a happy and blissful marriage is possible. I loved to see couples happy and fulfilled.. You know with all those sparks😍


Fast forward to my first year in marriage – C.H.O.A.T.I.C. Even though we had prepared for marriage, the storm that hit us made us throw all our knowledge away (laughs). Slowly we found our way around this thing called marriage and ever since I have been preaching this message of the possibility of having blissful marriages (this doesn’t mean conflict-free) to everyone who cares to listen.


It all started in 2016 where I offered FREE counseling to several wives and later couples from all works of life through the platform PRAYING MOMS AND WIVES

Each testimonial and referral was proof that God wanted me to take this to the next level.

Two years plus ago (August 16th, 2018), I decided to fully get my head into the game as a Certified Relationship & Marriage Counselor and Coach, I got more certifications and created this platform: COACHING @ BLISSFUL MARRIAGES, and it’s been a fulfilling journey doing what I love and bringing healing/hope/joy to relationships and marriages.


My one big goal in the next 5-10 years is to help over 1million couples to not only stay married but actually enjoy a blissful marriage.


I plan to this through our various services – one-on-one counseling sessions, online courses, webinars, masterclasses, couple’s night out, lunch dates, books, and resources.

So if you are;

Worried about your relationship – am I making the right decision?

Confused about what to look out for in your relationship?

Confused about how your spouse is acting?

Having a boring or no sex life?

Can’t seem to communicate well with your spouse?

Dealing with infidelity, disunity, abuse, financial disagreements, or any other issue in your relationship or marriage?

Or just looking to spice things up in your relationship or marriage?


I can assure you that you’re in the safest place to get help, check out our services to work with me.

Our unique brand is that we keep it REAL, PRACTICAL and we FOLLOW YOU THROUGH 100% of the time.

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